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Today’s Malta Independent reported the Prime Minister  Lawrence Gonzi as having stated the following in yesterday’s mass meeting :

“Speaking about the government’s commitment    to improve the country’s environment, Dr Gonzi appealed to all those with a genuine interest in this sector to join the government to find the best way in favour of sustainable development.”

MEP Simon Busuttil in his weekly article published in The Times today was more specific and stated that :

” There is no doubt, for instance, that AD has managed to put the environment at the very top of the PN’s political agenda. And I hope that my party will reach out to AD activists whose good ideas and positive energy can be successfully applied to the benefit of the country. This will not be easy given the acrimony of the final days of the campaign. But nor is it impossible. This is the time for magnanimity, not for pettiness.”

There is no need for any comment on my part !

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