Recharging the aquifer

The Prime Minister has announced that in Gozo as part of the eco-Gozo project government will embark on a project of recharging the aquifer with purified sewage. The matter has been awaited for some time as it has been brought up during technical discussions/seminars on water and the depleted water table during the past months.

The experiment is very risky. I only hope that it has been well thought out. If it succeeds it may be a long term solution to our water problem. If it fails we will ruin what is left of the water table.

Studies made should be published.

I have my doubts on the whole matter. But then I am not in favour of playing around with nature.

4 comments on “Recharging the aquifer

  1. First they allowed robbers to steal our national water – something which is still going on under the nose of our P.M.s – and Cabinet’s very noses – and now they think out this very risky ”solution”.
    They should be held to account if the experiment ruins what little water there may be left.
    It is too risky. Have the experts spoken up? Is the administration taking notice of what the experts are saying? Is this just yet another of their Electoral Games?

  2. I agree with Joseph Grech. Probably then it would be too late. Like usual. Who is responsible ? Will he pay for his mistake ,by our health ? In Malta resignations are not in the vocabulary. Like always.They do not exist.

  3. I am not fully aware of the situation in Gozo but definitely it would make sense if all the run off rain water which floods our streets (Birkirkara, Msida …etc) will be directed towards the aquifer instead of ending up in the sea.

  4. i fully agree with Simon. For instance Marsalforn residents had bitter experiences with flooding throughout this winter. All the rain water self discharged itself into the sea. What a waste of good old H2O. Eco Gozo should have by now received several rain water receiving reservoirs. Almost a 25 year old BLU government-H2O campaign wasted away. In the days of premier MINTOFF, we experienced many no water days especially throughout summer. Only after deciding to invest into one of the largest seawater reverse osmosis plants in the world(at that time) did we start getting a fair share of our water! Tourism was hit badly too. Today we have these spendthrifts who talk about ECOLAND but act as if they were in a casino.
    We need a new party or a coalition of GREEN parties who would safeguard our interests and those of our children.

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