Following the footsteps of Austin Gatt

Labour party + meritocracy

The Labour Party in Government has appointed Mr James Piscopo, until a few days ago Chief Executive Officer of the Labour Party, as the new Chief Executive Officer of Transport Malta. He replaces Dr Stanley Portelli who in his turn was also handpicked for the post of CEO of Transport Malta by former Transport Minister Austin Gatt.

There is no general rule which determines the manner in which Chief Executives of public corporations are appointed. Some were handpicked, others were selected on the basis of a selection process. In most cases there is the overriding rule in specific legislation that the final decision has to be confirmed by the Minister in office.

At the end of the day it is a matter of policy. Will merit rule the day or will top posts be filled on the basis of the political criterion of being considered as a position of trust?

The PN in government used both methods. During the electoral campaign which ended a few days ago Labour emphasized that it will act on the basis of merit.

It seems that we are back to where we started.  Labour is now following in the footsteps of Austin Gatt.

5 comments on “Following the footsteps of Austin Gatt

  1. Hi Carmel — It is obvious that certain positions will be filled by people who are in a posiiton of trust. Yes, by all means, they can’t just be any Tom Dick and Harry, but have the right profile. I have voted so that clientalism comes to an end in this country, but on the same note, why should somebody like Clyde Puli go back to his old job at FMS? Who assertains that a post can be kept vacant for 5 years! I wonder what Tonio Fenech is doing now.

  2. u hallina Carm….ma tarax kemm hallewk f’postok lilek u dan meta kont kapaci ahseb u ara li ma kontx….minn dejjem hekk kienet…meta kont fic civil ma l-ghaziz missierek certu files ma kienux jghadduwomlu….il gvern irid ikun cert li il policy tal gurnata tigi attwata minn nies kapaci u li jkunu sincieri fi dmirijietom……

  3. its very sad, but its true. To anybody’s consolation, I worded as a temp for ADT in 2007 in the Executive Office (as a Secretary to the CEO), and the Chairman at the time, Mr Simon Vella, told me that all the temps were being phased out since MT was being joint with MMA etc. For course he said this to me alone. I left, Mr Vella’s scare tatic worked. All the temps remained. Must I say, he was unetical and not the say the least, useless. I am happy that Dr. Muscat has choosen somebody with balls to run this messed up authority. After all the Portelli’s had many hiddent agends. Besides, it was because of AD that I was treated in this way.

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