Linking Malta & Gozo : the Moses touch

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3 comments on “Linking Malta & Gozo : the Moses touch

  1. If during a campaign, they refuse to take stands or offer specific solutions on important issues (Ta’ Cenc, Hondoq, Ramla, etc…) and instead refer frequently to the “will of the people,” you have a populist on your hands.
    Issa ghandek lil lejber (ta’ Malta) ukoll jinsa l-interess nazzjonali u jfarfar din id-decizjoni fuq l-Ghawdxin.

  2. Transparent party financing might give a clue to who benefits from these projects. And I’m not talking about the Gozitans.

  3. The idea to dig a tunnel connecting Malta and Gozo was floated to test the ground and the Prime Minister immediately decided to commission further studies on it. There seems to be an endless supply of money for these ‘studies’! When one thinks that Malta is paralysed after a couple of hours of rain and our roads immediately develop craters, one cannot but immediately think of the costs of maintaining this tunnel below the seabed – costs which will run into hefty sums per year. Who will pay for its maintenance? It is also probable that the road will be operable against the payment of a toll by the users. All of this has been done successfully in other countries much, much larger than ours. However the people who are clamouring for this tunnel have not looked at simple solutions for the connectivity problem and that is to have more ferries running more frequently on a shuttle service especially at peak hours even ferries for just passengers linked to an improved bus service. That will safeguard Gozo and will also be a simple, intelligent and efficient way of solving the connectivity problem long term. We are talking here of a twenty minute journey added on to the normal trip in Malta not the distances a commuter has to cover everyday to get to work in larger countries running into hundreds of miles! How complicated can we get!!

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