EU elections: Business and the environment

Launch Business Manifesto.140214.09

I was present yesterday for the launch of a Business Manifesto addressed to MEP candidates. The Manifesto entitled “We’re in Business together. A Maltese Business Manifesto.”  lists the expectations of the business community. The launch was organized by the office of the European Parliament in Malta.

As expected the manifesto deals extensively on the role of business in job creation, its importance to the economy, the vulnerabilties of SMEs and the difficulties faced by Maltese Business, mostly micro-business, as a result of both its size as well as Malta’s peripherality and insularity.

The five business organisations did a good job with one exception. They were apprehensive about environmental and social issues. The business manifesto does not refer to environmental and social issues except in a negative manner. There is no valid reason for this position. The experience of Maltese business organisations (with very few exceptions) points elsewhere. It is generally a positive experience.

May I remind that the Federation of Industries, now forming part of a unified Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry had years back endorsed and adhered to the UN Global Compact. The Malta Business Bureau has embarked on a water awareness campaign, GRTU through  enterpreneur Noel Gauci (together with others) has been at the forefront of research on wave energy and its applicability to Malta to tap alternatve energy sources.

Similarly on socal issues most Maltese SMEs are good employers and it would be a misrepresentation if one were to focus on the negative comments on social issues in the Business Manifesto as being representative of Maltese Business.

Maltese Business and SMEs in particular have to view environmental and social issues not as obstacles but as challenges which can be transformed into new opportunities. Those who realise this and put it into practice will lead the way. The others will follow.