Moskeja fiż-Żonqor : rigal ieħor ta’ Joseph?

Students at the Muslim Youth Academy pray before celebrating the holy holiday Eid al-Adha in 2007 by reenacting the hajj and a visit to Mecca. Dressed in all white, the 300+ students chanted and walked around the halls of the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn and circled a cube representing the Kaaba, a holy site in Mecca that all Muslims face when praying. The hajj brings together Muslims of all races for one of life's most moving spiritual experiences. (Photo by Millard Berry)

Joseph tkellem ħafna dwar kemm il-campus tal-Università għandu jitqies bħala r-rigal tal-Gvern tiegħu lill-Bormla.

L-Independent illum iżda titkellem dwar rigal ieħor li dwaru Joseph ma qal xejn.

L-istudju dwar l-impatti soċjali tas-sit li hu propost li jkun żviluppat fiż-Żonqor jgħid dan li ġej :

“This SIA also recommends that since it is anticipated that most students will profess the Islamic religion the campus also includes a Mosque for prayers.”

Min-naħa l-oħra l-istudju dwar l-impatt soċjali f’Bormla ma jikkunsidrax li hemm bżonn Moskeja f’Bormla minħabba li l-istudenti hemm jistgħu jinqdew bil-Moskeja ta’ Kordin. Fil-fatt l-istudju jgħid hekk :

“ ……. it is worth noting that those students who may profess the Islamic religion are serviced with a Mosque at Corradino which is located just up the hill from Cospicua and Senglea.”

Verament li l-istudji ta’ Joseph jaħsbu għal kollox. Anke għal Moskeja fiż-Żonqor.

Prosit. L-istudji ta’ Joseph jaħsbu għal kulħadd!


No” to unacceptable Gheddafi blackmail

                                            unedited AD Press Release

Alternattiva Demokratika -The Green Party objects to the recent Gheddafi
blackmailing requests and calls upon Prime Minister Gonzi and Opposition Leader Muscat to stand up to such tactics.

Prof Arnold Cassola, Alternattiva Demokratika Spokesperson on EU and International Affairs, stated: “It is totally unacceptable that Muammar Gheddafi, whilst visiting Italy, has urged Europeans to convert to Islam. As a political leader of his country Mr Gheddafi should understand that, in civilised democracies, we do not mix politics with religion”.

Arnold Cassola continued: “Gheddafi has also asked the EU to give him at least five billion euros a year, or else – he threatened – Europe could become Africanized, through migration. The European Union should not give in to this backmail and indeed should insist on Gheddafi and Libya signing and ratifying the Geneva convention on human rights instead”.

“As for the Maltese Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition, it is about time that – rather than imitating Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi in his servilism towards Gheddafi- they speak up against the disrespect shown by Libya to basic human rights”, concluded Arnold Cassola.