Appreciating Tonio Fenech, and the Ministers’ Code of Ethics

Arlogg tal lira 2

We have been told by the Hon Tonio Fenech that a certain Mrs Farrugia, wife of Raymond and sister-in-law to George Farrugia of Trafigura fame so admired him (Tonio Fenech) that she wanted to give him a token of appreciation. The token, consisting of an artisanal clock (arloġġ tal-lira).

The value of this artisanal clock is disputed but it seems that the Trafigura agent is putting it at €5,000.

Now this is very interesting as Ministers are bound by a Code of Ethics which in paragraph 58 thereof states :
“58. No Minister should accept gifts or services such as might be deemed to create an obligation, real or imaginary. The same rule applies to the spouse of a Minister and to his minor children. The same rules that apply to gifts from representatives of other Governments are applicable in these cases as well.”

When the Hon Minister Tonio Fenech had accepted a free flight to watch an Arsenal game he realised sometime after that he had made a mistake and apologised (instead of resigning).

What now?