Commissioner Muscat reporting

We should be very worried about Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s running commentary on the investigation into Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassination. During the week he made a number of worrying declarations which clearly indicate that he is being informed in real time as to the proceedings in the police interrogation rooms. This is downright abusive and could have very serious consequences.

We were informed by Joseph Muscat that the information that led to the arrest of Yorgen Fenech did not come from the middleman. He further informed us that the middleman, has not revealed enough information yet. Enough, that is to conclude the investigation and arraign those responsible for master-minding the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Earlier, in answer to a journalist’s question, he had revealed that no political persons are currently identified as “persons of interest”, so far. A Freudian slip? Maybe he thinks that that there is the possibility that such an identification could crop up later when the investigation has matured? Well he stated that he knows much more, but that he has been keeping back from revealing all for the past twenty-four months. Apparently, he has made quite an effort to keep his mouth shut.

Who is in charge in the interrogation room at Police Headquarters? Why has the Commissioner of Police relinquished his lead of the Police Corps? Is it Commissioner Cutajar or is it Commissioner Muscat who is in charge of the Police?

Now where was it that the policeman and the politician merged into one?

One comment on “Commissioner Muscat reporting

  1. The problem is, the press and others expect the PM to comment! Obviously he obliges because he wants to give the image of a ‘strongman’.

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