Strengthening a Europe of values

The European project is founded on values.
In the electoral manifesto for yesterday’s electoral cycle, Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party, emphasised: “We stand for the European project. We will work to push back against and isolate those who try to convert valid criticism of deficiencies and mistakes into an anti-European, extremist and xenophobic rollback. We say ‘No’ to a Europe of nationalisms. These dividing walls should be demolished and substituted by bridges, further strengthening the European unification process, a great historical achievement which benefits a united Europe in multiple ways.”

We want a Europe that practices solidarity and not just the solidarity we expect to receive when, as a country, we face serious difficulties; solidarity is not a one-way street. We need to further ingrain in our present-day public ethic the fact that solidarity also signifies helping others.

The politics of hope should continuously override the politics of hate: giving hope to those fleeing their persecutors. Our solidarity should be a beacon of hope in the centre of the Mediterranean. The politics of asylum endorsed by Alternattiva Demokratika –The Green Party is solidarity-based – solidarity being one of the basic values of Maltese society. Solidarity is part of the genetic makeup of all true Maltese.

We are justified in expecting, as a right, that the European Union does much more to help us shoulder the burden that geography has placed on our shoulders. It is essential that, along with all EU frontier states, we receive continuous assistance so that we can fulfil our duty in the service of humanity right in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea. If the EU was collectively capable of implementing solidarity towards migrants in the same way in which it baled out the banking system some years back, all EU countries would be much better off.

Throughout this campaign ,we have also placed an emphasis on subsidiarity. This is also a basic EU value, the implementation of which signifies that social and political issues are dealt with as closely as possible to those affected. The EU has already incorporated this value as an integral part of EU law. It now requires more determination to not only facilitate its timely implementation but also to ensure that every European citizen is adequately informed as to how this is being carried out.

We have also emphasised the need to apply the subsidiarity principle in Malta in the developing relationship between central government and local councils. It is essential that local councils are no longer considered as government’s customer-care front desk. Local councils are not only crucial when it comes to delivering basic services to the community: they are also essential to ensure that the democratic process is strengthened.

We also spoke at length about the need to embed sustainability in our politics: taking a long-term view of political decision-taking. It is essential that the social and environmental impact of all economic policies are scrutinised, as early as at the drawing-board stage. This applies to all sectors. Once applied, the politics of sustainability will transform every corner of the EU into a better place in which to live!

In this electoral campaign, Alternattiva Demokratika –The Green Party, has fielded 11 candidatures: two for the European Parliament and nine for Local Councils, a mixture of new blood and experience. We expect reasonable results for which we have not only striven but which are also essential in order that we proceed with our political work.
Irrespective of the results, Alternattiva Demokratika will still be around, as it has always been, in the service of all.

published on Malta Independent on Sunday – 26 May 2019