Nibnu l-pontijiet ………. imma fuq pedamenti addattati


Kif ħabbar il-Malta Today dal-għodu, l-Partit Nazzjonalista talab biex jiltaqa ma’ Alternattiva Demokratika bl-iskop li jkun identifikat jekk hux possibli li jkun hemm xi forma ta kooperazzjoni bejn iżżewġ partiti, u dan fid-dawl tal-qagħda politika preżenti.

Qatt mhu ħażin li titkellem, anke jekk ma daqqa tgħajn jidhru li hemm differenzi mhux żgħar.

Kif anke ġie kkwotat Mario de Marco mill-Malta Today, il-kooperazzjoni li jrid il-PN hi dwar il-lista elettorali! Il-PN diġa kważi wasal għal ftehim mal-Partit Demokratiku ta Marlene Farrugia biex possibilment il-kandidati ta dak il-partit jdhru fil-lista elettorali taħt l-isem tal-Partit Nazzjonalista. Il-PN u l-PD, dan l-eżerċizzju qed isejħulu koalizzjoni.

Fil-fehma tiegħi dan hu kollox barra koalizzjoni.

Alternattiva Demokratika sejra għal-laqgħa mal-PN bmoħħ miftuħ, bla preġudizzji imma bideat ċari kif diġa kelli l-opportunita li nispjega fuq dan il-blog matul il-ġimgħat li għaddew.

Il-bierah, tard fil-għaxija, fdiskussjoni fuq  it-telefon li kelli ma Karol Aquilina, President tal-Kunsill Amministrattv, Mario de Marco Viċi Kap tal-PN u Simon Busuttil innifsu, ftehmna li l-laqgħa esploratorja bejn l-AD u l-PN issir nhar il-Ġimgħa li ġejja.

Ta Alternattiva Demokratika sejrin għal din il-laqgħa brieda tajba, lesti li nagħtu l-kontribut tagħna biex jinbnew il-pontijiet. Imma l-ewwel irridu naċċertaw ruħna li l-pedamenti huma addattati.

3 comments on “Nibnu l-pontijiet ………. imma fuq pedamenti addattati

  1. it would be better to first hold a meeting with PD, and then meet the PN together.
    Separate meetings PNPD and PNAD, may not be the right recipe for a strong coalition.

  2. In the latest post by Mrs.Caruana Galizia it was said — with what authority I do not know — that PM Muscat will announce the holding of a general election by or on this Monday, Mayday. The announcement will it is said depend on the results of a poll the PL has already held some say or will hold in the next few days. Taking the above as correct, it would completely outflank the attempts at some form of electoral alliance which AD and PN are about to explore, particularly as neither side, for it own good reasons, seems inclined to be accomodating. But what are the prospects of an anti-election alliance? This would, independently of PL polls, make it clear to the PM that all the parties other than his own, think that under the present circumstances, with major figures in the government and in certain institutions under strong suspicion of criminal behaviour, AN ELECTION IS OUT OF THE QUESTION. So the other parties are NOT prepared to take part. The PL can go ahead to create a Parliament which they enjoy most of all: where they are speaking to themselves, can pass laws nem con etc. How about it?

  3. Evidently AD are looking long-term, beyond just having MuscatPL ousted.
    Since such eventuality will still not cure the core problem within our political scenario.

    If the PN, in the face of what the PN itself decreed as a corrupt gang controlling Malta, are so stubborn and insensitive, to ignore the core principle of a coalition – i.e. a distinct grouping in which different unique parties converge towards a common cause – then will a potential Dr. Busuttil as Prime Minister of a PN lead coalition government show also the same arrogance (seeing through the usual artificial sweet talking), when his minor coalition partners express their objection to measures or lack thereof, that undermine the current hype about good governance, environment and accountability?

    Will Dr. Busuttil as PM, seek to browbeat his coalition MPs (if any), to turn a blind eye, because otherwise he will threaten to call an early election with the renewed gloom and doom of another Labour government?

    During the recent ‘national demonstrations’ (which did not topple the government) called for by the PN, none of the participants carried PN flags. Thus when we are now faced with the constitutional tool of toppling the current government, it is illogical to depart from the ‘national brotherhood’ sought in the demonstrations, and insist on a PN party-centric emblem.

    If this ‘Forza Nazzjonali’ really seeks to maximise its votes, it should be more sensitive to encourage those who still have serious doubts about the PN, to accept that they will be voting to elect Dr. Busuttil as PM, but pushing them to vote on a PN list may be too much.
    Dr. Busuttil had proclaimed that the PN has acknowledged its recent past mistakes, and that it is ‘humbly’ seeking to rekindle voters confidence in its renewal – notwithstanding the same familiar faces are still around, either in person or through their vassals (Mr. Claudio Grech comes to mind)
    Voters will asses whether Dr. Busuttil is sincere or not in what he has been saying, by observing whether the PN will eventually uphold the true spirit & form of a coalition, or arrogantly remain adamant on an illogical assimilation

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