Keith il-Kasco mhux ġemmiegħ tas-santi!



Ħadd qatt ma kellu l-illużjoni li Keith Schembri l-Kasco u Konrad Mizzi, l-Ministru bla portafoll, kienu qed jagħmlu użu mill-kumpaniji tagħhom Hearnville Inc. u  Tillgate Inc. fil-Panama biex iġemmgħu  is-santi jew id-domni.

Il-loġika u s-sens komun dejjem wasslu għal konklużjoni waħda: ħasil ta flus. Imma sissa provi qatt ma kien hemm.

Kif dejjem għidna, d-dnub ma jorqodx u jekk hemm provi xi ħin jew ieħor dawn hemm ċans tajjeb li jitfaċċaw.

Ikun ferm aħjar, jekk hemm il-provi, li dawn jagħmlu apoloġija pubblika u jmorru jistaħbew fejn ma jarahom ħadd. Illum qabel għada. Jistgħu jekk iridu jieħu magħhom ukoll lil sid l-Egrant Inc.,  it-tielet kumpanija.

Wara sena sħiħa ta ċaħdiet ilkoll nittamaw li ma ndumux ma nkunu nafu l-fatti vera.

9 comments on “Keith il-Kasco mhux ġemmiegħ tas-santi!

  1. Yes Carmel (permit me to call you such) it seems that finally the truth is coming out and yes once more you, your party and anyone else cannot compare the two big parties like with like and the proof is that we have been talking for years now on corruption, unethical behavior, lack of transparency, continuous lies, such as cafe premiere, Australia hall, selling of Enemalta in a very shady way without producing any documentation, selling of health enmities… Gozo hospital st Luke’s etc, ITS land scandal, gafferarena incredible deal, etc etc etc yes very big and massive and incredible items and obviously the Panama papers…….. and before 2013 we talked on the state of the roads (which are a mess much more then before) environmental issues, Maltese clock, 500 Euros weekly increase when now All Labour mps from the PM down wards to the least MP gave practically all the same if not more thane the PM’s salary averaging between 50,000 to 70,000 monthly……. etc etc etc. Yes my friend all of us has to agree that there is no comparison at all since one the present party in office has absolutely no decency at all in making politics when the other yes makes mistakes but fir goodness sake the magnitude of which are a spec of sand in the desert or a drop in the ocean…… and in some way or the other the police always investigated and took action….. Yes there is the immediate need to get rid if this government immediately since the word decency has disappeared completely in Maltese politics in these last 4 years and yes there is only one party that can do it and deserves another chance under Simon BUSUTTIL i.e. The PN….. the AD has always gave some good advise/arguments/insights mostly as a pressure group during the years but let’s be truthful, they can and will never make it to the top one they don’t and won’t have the numbers both in votes and people and two there is no doubt that in Malta they will never be given the opportunity and in my opinion rightly so !!! So don’t miss the bus in this crucial time of Maltese politics and be clear that Labour must go and now !!!

      • mela x’inhi soluzzjoni? jerga’ jitla pl ? fil-hajja trid tkun pragmatiku mhux idejalista biss.
        ftakar: min gab l-unifikazzjoni tal-italja ? l-idealizmu ta’ Mazzini jew pragmatizmu ta’ cavour? min gab l-unifikazzjoni tal-germanja: liberali idejalisti jew il-pragmatizmu ta’ Bismarck

        idealista: fl-elezzjoni ibqghu wehidkom u nkomplu l-martirju tal-ahhar 4 snin
        pragmatiku : coalition mal-pn imbaghad wara l-elezzjoni ikkritikhom kemm tiflah

      • The basic difficulties for the formation of a coalition, as I view them, are three :
        1st: there is an issue of credibility. The PN is not credible when it speaks against corruption and in favour of good governance unless it clears the deck and solves its current issues, as highlighted in today’s article : .
        2nd : there is the form in which a coalition could take shape, forming part of the PN is no coalition at all; it is possible to form a separate structure specifically for the elections, but time is running out for such an option;
        3rd : there are various issues of policy in respect of which there may be sharp disagreement, particularly in respect of environmental issues. The proposed tunnel between Malta and Gozo, and the proposed racetrack as well as spring hunting, all of which are supported by the PN but which are objectionable in principle to AD readily come to mind. There are a number of other issues in other areas of policy which could be contentious. All this has to be sorted out if one were to consider a coalition.

  2. Apologija publika? Jekk hemm provi ta hasil ta flus u serq (korruzjoni) nahseb qorti u habs mhux apologija u morru stahbew.

  3. Well written.
    Primary rule.
    Facts proven beyond reasonable doubt.
    In thirty years serving the cause of justice, as foreman of the jury – in Maltese and English speaking criminal cases – solid proof is fundamental.
    Believe me, it’s not easy.

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