Il-millimetri li ċċaqlaq Joseph Muscat

pushbacks + Joseph Muscat

It-Times online tal-bieraħ irrappurtat lil Joseph Muscat jgħid hekk:

“Most of what was said today by central European was said in the past by Mediterraneans… We had the luxury of retaining the position we had taken then without even needing to shift just one millimetre.”

Dr Muscat said he was proud to have attended a summit where Malta was not asking for help but offering it. The number of refugees allocated to Malta, a total of 189, was extremely manageable and people could be really welcomed. The decision also gave Malta strength and credibility politically that if it was faced with problem once again there was a blueprint in place and it could ask for assistance.

(Times of Malta 23rd September 2015)


Ma nistax ma niftakarx f’Joseph Muscat ieħor li f’Lulju 2013 kien rappurtat jgħid hekk :

“Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has reaffirmed his government’s position not to exclude the controversial pushbacks of migrants at sea, even though he has acknowledged that the practice employed by the Italian government in the past was found to be illegal by the European Court of Human Rights. Muscat today brushed aside criticism from NGOs who took his position on migrant pushbacks to task, saying that his government had a mandate to take a “strong position”.

(Malta Today 6th July 2013)

Nistgħu ngħidu li għamel progress! Mexa ħafna millimetri l-quddiem!