Michael Falzon jiskuża ruħu

MFalzon apology

Mela Michael Falzon skuża ruħu. Fi stqarrija li ħareġ illum waranofsinnhar skuża ruħu bla riżervi talli ttradixxa l-fiduċja li bosta kellhom fih.

Huwa tajjeb li Michael Falzon għamel apoliġja pubblika, avolja tard.

Dam tlett ijiem biex għamilha, u għamilha biss għaliex inqabad.


One comment on “Michael Falzon jiskuża ruħu

  1. Better late than never. He might even encourage his recent master, Dr.Joseph Muscat to apologise for the Cafe Premier mess.

    WRT Ninu Zammit, would you have any recollection of an “episode” sometime close to the 1992 election when EFA had issued a stern statement that premises without planning permits were not to be connected to services (E&W) just after Armier shacks and Ninu’s brother’s batching plant near St. Dorothy’s (Haz-Zebbug) had been connected up?

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