If birds had a vote

hunter 11


If birds had a vote the referendum scheduled for 11 April would not be necessary. Parliament would have afforded them protection many years ago.  But they have no vote.

If birds had a vote, we would never have lost the right of access to the countryside during spring. Spring, the best season of the year, is when families are being prevented from taking children to the countryside due to men running around with guns and generally shooting anything that flies.

If birds had a vote we would be spared the embarrassment of inviting tourists to Malta on the promise of glorious scenic country views and then hoping that they would avoid the countryside altogether.

If birds had a vote we would be spared the absurd situation of having national natural parks (to which children are invited to learn about nature) and that having to witness bird hunting in its midst.

If birds had a vote bullies roaming the countryside would surely be under control.

But birds have no vote. However on 11 April we can vote on their behalf to abolish spring hunting.