Min hu l-Prim Ministru ta’ Malta?

question mark

Ir-rapport tal-inkjesta għadu m’huwiex pubbliku. Eventwalment ikunu nistghu nitkellmu aħjar dwaru.

Imma l-konklużjonijiet li wasal għalihom il-Prim Ministru Joseph Muscat huma ċari: r-responsabbilta’ ewlenija spiċċat fuq l-Aġent Kummissarju. Imma Manwel Mallia ma setgħax jeħlisha u intalab huwa ukoll biex jirriżenja. Probabbilment jirriżenja għada matul il-jum.

Il-Prim Ministru seta wasal għal dawn il-konlużjonijiet nhar il-Ħamis 20 ta’ Novembru 2014, l-għada tal-inċident. Mhux biss għaddew 18-il ġurnata. Fuq kollox saret ħsara kbira lill-Korp tal-Pulizija li naqqas ħafna mill-kredibilita’ tiegħu u mill-istima li għandu jkollu.

Dan kollu seħħ għax Joseph Muscat ma kienx kapaċi jaġixxi ta’ leader. Verament hi flokha l-mistoqsija li staqsew uħud: min hu l-Prim Ministru ta’ Malta?

Dawn huma l-ewwel reazzjonijiet tiegħi. Hemm ħafna iktar x’jingħad.

Għada Alternattiva Demokratika tindirizza konferenza stampa dwar is-suġġett.


2 comments on “Min hu l-Prim Ministru ta’ Malta?

  1. AD should focus on the thrash that the malta police is infested with. A cancer that has spread over the years and at best neutralises any initiative and goodwill that new recruits might start off with.

    How many innocent citizens have been framed, or ended being accused when they were the victims, due to some vested interest by some members of the police corps? When will such blantant abuses stop, let alone the perpetrators duly prosecuted?

    Tomorrow Mallia would be gone, however the horrific situation within the police ‘force’ carried forward from the PN years and compounded by the current PL government remains, at the detriment of honest citizens and the truth.

  2. I would argue — against the general current perhaps — that Joseph Muscat has given an excellent demonstration of who is PM in this place: himself. He has shielded himself completely, down to his Communications Head Kurt Farrugia, put a squeeze on Minister Mallia — who cannot possibly refuse to resign as it is not likely that he can inhabit a cabinet without having the full confidence of the PM; and he (the PM) has unloaded all the blame on “expendable”, unelected policemen, who will go quietly. Yet there cannot be the slightest doubt that the PM was in contact with the perpetrators in those 2 hours between the shots and the “statement” issued — very much out of turn and procedure — by the PM’s own chief of communications who, Alla jbierek as they say, came out of this with flying colours. One cannot fail to notice that the PM did not publish the transcripts with the Inquiry Report and even less any log of his calls in those vital two hours. Moral standing is another matter, not necessarily useful currency in the PL or among core support.

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