The abrogative referendum: (2) What is required?

LN 221.2010

(2) The requirements

In order that an abrogative referendum is held it is required that 10% of those entitled to vote sign a petition which requests that a specific legal instrument, (identified in the petition) is subject to a national vote as to whether it should be cancelled from the statute book.

Only those whose name is listed in the General Elections Register are entitled to sign a petition as well as to vote in an eventual abrogative referendum.

The Coalition to Abolish Spring Hunting has identified Legal Notice 221 of 2010 : Framework for Allowing a Derogation Opening a Spring Hunting Season for Turtledove and Quail Regulations as the legislative instrument which permits spring hunting.

If an abrogative referendum approves that this legal notice is cancelled from the statute book, spring hunting in Malta and Gozo will be consigned to the dustbin of history.