The Abrogative Referendum: (1) What is it?

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(1)    What is an abrogative referendum ?

A referendum takes decisions. These are taken directly by voters. In an abrogative referendum voters will be asked to cancel a legislative instrument (a law or a set of regulations).  To abrogate means to cancel. Hence the term abrogative referendum.

The Coalition to Abolish Spring Hunting is campaigning to have regulations which permit spring hunting cancelled from the statute book. This would mean the abolition of spring hunting in Malta.

The decision taken will be final provided that more than 50% of eligible voters turn up and vote.

MEPA leaves no stone unturned

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Mepa leaves no stone unturned

Alfred E. Baldacchino

 The illegally extended road on Comino. Photo: Matthew Mirabelli

The illegally extended road on Comino. Photo: Matthew Mirabelli

Times of Malta lately reported the construction of a dirt and concrete road on Comino, an island with barely half a dozen residents and an EU Natura 2000 site.

The Malta Environment and Planning Authority, which is the Competent Authority for the EU environment acquis, thus also for Natura 2000 sites, was quick to show its surprise and lack of awareness of the matter.

It immediately issued an enforcement notice on the Commissioner of Land, on the grounds that Comino is government land. Pontius Pilate would have envied this. Incidentally, the Commissioner of Land falls within the portfolio of the Prime Minster.

Natura 2000 sites are sites listed according to important habitat types in the EU Habitats Directive. On accession, each member state has to declare such sites, and once approved…

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