The Tripoli kidnapping. Full disclosure required.

Medavia. return


Now that Martin Galea is safe,  it is time for a full disclosure.

Dr Marisa Farrugia, Malta’s Consul in Tripoli was singled out and thanked by Martin Galea for saving his life. But the Prime Minister  Joseph Muscat who, followed by his hangers-on,  tried to take complete control of the spotlight when Martin Galea descended from the Medavia jet  did his best to ignore and sideline Dr Marisa Farrugia.

In such circumstances the person entrusted with such delicate negotiations which have led to the release, unharmed, of a Maltese national would be showered with praise. Farrugia, only two months ago faced what the sensational press labelled as an investigation into a massive visa scam.

Anyone involved, even minimally, in such a “massive visa scam” would not be recalled to take charge of such a delicate operation as negotiating the release of a Maltese hostage held in Tripoli, the site of the alleged scam itself.

Has government lost face over what has turned up to be a trumped up charge? Could this be the reason for Muscat and his entourage pushing aside Marisa Farrugia?

This is certainly not the way to deal with Malta’s diplomats.

An explanation is long overdue. Nothing but a full disclosure will suffice. The purge of the civil service commenced with the dismissal of practically all Permanent Secretaries in March 2013 should not be allowed to proceed any further.