The Financing of Political Parties: (9) Conclusion.


It is necessary that the law on the financing of political parties which Alternattiva Demokratika has campaigned in favour of for the past 25 years is not one which only establishes the administrative burdens which should be shouldered to ensure the financial accountability of political parties through an administrative transparency. Together with the administrative burdens we expect the assistance required to shoulder the burden. If this is not done it would signify that those who through the years were  extra careful such that in the absence of a regulatory structure they were not dependent on political donations will be punished.

Alternattiva Demokratika agrees in principle with the Bill under consideration. It also agrees, as explained in detail in previous blogposts with a large part of the details in the Bill. We feel however that its basic defect should be addressed. It is essential that the control exercised is proportional and related to the size of the political parties. It is also necessary that the regulatory authority identified is one which inspires such confidence as a result of which everyone is convinced that no political party is disadvantaged at the starting line.

If this is done we would be able to state that in Malta, at last, the financing of political parties is being seriously dealt with.

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