The Financing of Political Parties: (7) The Bill. The role of the treasurer

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The Bill, as is reasonable, identifies the person responsible for the administration of the finances of political parties as that person who should not only shoulder responsibilities towards the political party of which he is an officer but also towards the community. The central reporting requirement on which the Bill is based is focused on the person of the Treasurer. This person shall be responsible for substantial administrative duties with administrative and criminal penalties in case of infringements.  This signifies that the person having the role of Treasurer would require being backed up administratively by a technical team to maintain the financial records to be in line with the requirements of the law. This will translate into expenses which a political party which is run professionally already caters for. It is a known fact that the political parties in Malta for whom this Bill has been designed already have an administrative setup which is financed by the donations which they receive on a regular basis.

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