The Financing of Political Parties: (1) Introduction



Alternattiva Demokratika-The Green Party, since being founded in 1989, twenty five years ago, has always emphasised that the financing of political parties must be transparent and accountable. In fact, in the Declaration of Political Principles, approved by Alternattiva Demokratika just after it was founded it was declared that:

“ ………… we shall strive in order that a law is enacted as a result of which political parties declare the source of their finances. In addition we shall insist that Government grants financial assistance to political parties which assistance will be calculated on the basis of votes obtained in national and local elections.”

In addition to this declaration, commitment to transparency and accountability was also demonstrated by Alternattiva Demokratika through its continuous exposure of case where business and politics were to close for comfort

In its 2013 Electoral Manifesto  Alternattiva Demokratika was more focused on the need to finance political parties. Alternattiva Demokratika’s Electoral Manifesto in Chapter 6 entitled “Constitutional and Democratic reforms” presented five proposals:

    1. Strict rules on donations, which would require the disclosure of donations higher than €5,000 and the prohibition of donations which exceed €40,000.
    2. State financing of political parties through a grant of €3 per annum for every vote which political parties obtain in a General Election or a European Parliament Election.
    3. Every political party is to have its accounts audited under the supervision of a Commission appointed by the Auditor General.
    4. The permissible expenditure of a candidate in a general elections should be increased from €1,400 to €4,000 which expenditure should include that made by the candidate’s political party divided pro-rata amongst the candidates, that such expenditure should include that made by third parties on behalf of candidates, and that the expenditure made by candidates should be tax-exempt provided that it is within the limits established by law.
    5. There should be established a Commission to determine the value of state property rented out to political parties and that such Commission should revise the rental values to market levels on a regular basis.