George Abela & Joseph Muscat: a game of snakes and ladders

snakes and ladders


Online comments are aimed at congratulating former President George Abela for declining an offer to be appointed as an advisor to Prime Minister Joseph Muscat.

Whilst Abela’s reaction is the correct behaviour one would expect from a former President it would be pertinent to point out that this “news” is obviously being leaked to counteract and balance out the same Abela’s behaviour when, as President in office, he had signalled that he would not sign into law the Civil Unions Bill.

He should have resigned then.

Rather than congratulating a former President for acting correctly out of office, it would have been preferable to be in a position to congratulate him for acting correctly whilst in office.

But some people have very short memories indeed.

A case of snakes and ladders?

One comment on “George Abela & Joseph Muscat: a game of snakes and ladders

  1. You are absolutely right. But then hypocrites are to be found everywhere.
    When in office he did wrong in not resigning. The Common Good of ALL citizens is the primary aim of a president.
    Out of office he did good in refusing. It was wrong for EFA, as president emeritus, to address a PN mass meeting before the 2014 elections. George Abela is more ethically correct, a principle which EFA has failed to prove that he possesses.

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