Snippets from the EGP Manifesto: (1) European Renewable Energy Community


The European Green Party 2014 Manifesto proposes the setting up of a European Renewable Energy Community: Trade policy should support a sustainable industrial renaissancein Europe and show respect and solidarity for our global partners. One project of particular relevance in this context will be creating a European Renewable Energy Community to help break our addiction to fossil fuels. (EGP 2014 Manifesto section entitled  : Renaissance of Industry for a Sustainable  Europe)

The Council of the European Greens meeting in Malmö Sweden in October 2009 approved a resolution on the European Renewable Energy Community, in brief ERENE. Renewable sources are the only viable sources of sustainable energy, says the title of the resolution.

The existing community for cooperation on energy, the Euratom, is unsustainable and obsolete. The current framework for energy policies in Europe is an obstacle for increased cooperation in this field.

Climate change mitigation implies the reduction of greenhouse gases in Europe in the order of 90% by 2050.

Whilst in 2009 only 11% of the energy generated in Europe was renewable energy it is recognised that the economic potential for renewable energy in Europe greatly exceeds the expected use of electricity in 2050.

There are great differences in national potential for renewable energy. As a consequence, cooperation on the development and deployment of renewable energy and energy systems in Europe is crucial to an enhanced production and use of renewable energy.

Vast investments are needed to realize the potential.


A feasibility study on the subject published by the Heinrich Böll Stiftung is available here.