Jean-Claude Juncker: the empty promises of the European People’s Party

Jean Claude Juncker 2

On Friday former Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker during a visit to Malta said he plans to see that European solidarity on immigration does not remain an empty promise but that it becomes a reality. He said that he will try to address the issue of European solidarity, more so in the case of Malta and other small countries which are in a very strategic position.

In reply to a journalist who queried Juncker on his opinion relative to the proposal of the European Greens to overhaul the Dublin rules on immigration, Jean-Claude Juncker said that the European Commission under his leadership would consider the matter.

Isn’t this the same Jean-Claude Juncker who for the past 18 years, as Prime Minister of Luxembourg, sat on the European Council? Isn’t he the same Jean-Claude Juncker who during the past 18 years participated in the European People’s Party (EPP) leaders’ meetings preceeding every European Summit?

How can we ever believe such a statement that Juncker will consider the overhaul of the Dublin rules when he did not even include the issue in the electoral manifesto of the European Peoples’ Party approved on the 5 March 2014?

EPP Leaders who also form part of the Government in their respective countries have consistently opposed transforming the empty solidarity rhetoric into meaningful action. The past performance of Jean-Claude Juncker and his EPP colleagues is thus a guarantee that Juncker’s declarations in Malta are more of the same empty talk.

The decision to translate rhetoric on solidarity into meaningful action at a level of the European Council must be taken at two levels. At the level of political parties and at the level of governments. Most EPP leaders have repeatedly failed on both counts.

The Socialists are not any better!

2 comments on “Jean-Claude Juncker: the empty promises of the European People’s Party

  1. Your last comment is uncounted for. How can you tell that? Facts show that Huncker is not credible. Who of the Socialists’ group contesting for leadership is not credible for such matters?
    Juncker, together with his counterparts in Malta belonging to the PN, are renowned for such promises never attained, just to attract votes. The PL can only be accused of practicing what it preaches and for introducing new legislations to things that were not promised, but are still for the common good e.g. IIP and Civil Union Bill!

    • Dr Grech Attard: Unfortunately you have not understood anything yet.

      The issue of amending the rules is blocked by Governments of the EU Member States. Both those whose leading government parties belong to the EPP as well as those who belong to the Socialist family.

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