Thank You ………. say the birds

thank you


The Coalition for the Abolition of Spring Hunting earlier today presented to the Electoral Commission a petition calling for a referendum to abolish spring hunting.

44,376 persons are endorsing the request that subsidiary legislation permitting spring hunting in Malta be struck off the statute book. Vetting carried out by the Coalition has identified that 40,351 of these are signatures of persons listed in the current edition of the Electoral Register.

This exceeds substantially the minimum number of signatures required by the Referenda Act for initiating the process leading to an abrogative referendum. In fact the minimum established is 10% of the number of registered voters, that is 33,418 signatures.

Thank You from the birds.

2 comments on “Thank You ………. say the birds

  1. The amount of changes brought about thanks to AD is impressive !….and all this, notwithstanding the fact that it has no parliamentary representation, and has the 2 main parties working in coalition to avoid multi party politics.
    Yet the voters still snob AD, whenever an election comes.
    Maybe it is true that every people has the leaders that it deserves.

  2. wow this is impressive, hope we finally get the referendum date and that our wishes will be respected thereafter. Thank you AD for always being in the forefront on issues that matter!!

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