Financing of political parties and the Grenada General Elections


The year 2013 Grenada had general elections.  The Opposition New National Party (NNP) on the 19 February 2013 won a landslide victory winning 15 out of 15 parliamentary seats. A clean sweep!

Of particular interest is the report of the election observors acting on behalf  the Organisation of America States (OAS).

In its report the OAS mission reported as follows :

“Another issue of concern brought to the Mission’s attention is the lack of legal measures that obligate political parties and candidates to disclose the sources of campaign financing. Key actors in the country recognized the imperative need to address equity, transparency and accountability in electoral processes, including adoption of campaign finance regulations.” (pages 3 and 4)

The OAS Mission further recommended that :

To this end the following recommendations are respectfully proposed:

• * Enacting legislation to regulate campaign financing establishing clear limits

on campaign spending and disclosure mechanism to require political parties

the publication of funding sources.

• * Establishing prohibitions for anonymous and foreign donations, as well as

clear limits to private and in kind donations to political and electoral


This makes very interesting reading, more so when we familiarise ourselves with issues very topical in Grenada.