The Citizenship debate: a case of being trapped ?


The issue of citizenship has been rightly described as being one of the areas which are reserved for the member states of the European Union. It logically follows that Malta (and every other European state) has the right to act. This line of thought is also reinforced by the principle of subsidiarity.

No one contests this except that it is not the end of the story.

Viviane Reding, EU Justice Commissioner has placed the matter in its proper perspective by pointing out that EU member states are also bound by the principle of sincere cooperation enshrined in article 4.3 of the Treaty of the European Union. This principle is also known as the loyalty principle.

In the Citizenship debate Malta is apparently entrapped between the subsidiarity principle and the loyalty principle. The former gives it the right to act. The latter points towards the duty to cooperate.

This is the warning announced loud and clear yesterday by EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding in the European Parliament.

Its about time that Prime Minister Joseph Muscat realizes the extent of the mess created. Time to start thinking Joe!

2 comments on “The Citizenship debate: a case of being trapped ?

  1. What warning? What shall happen if we go on with the project? Warning or blackmail? Is the big brother blackmailing the little one, as usual? If member countries can opt towards having abortion why not citizenship? Does one affect other members more than the other? Why does not the EU regulate citizenship as it did with illegal immigration in Dublin 2?
    EU commissioners sit comfortably earning huge amounts of money from the sweat of citizens, a huge number of them unemployed. Now wonder that Euroscepticism is on the increase! And that is where everybody is trapped because it is virtually impossible to move out!!

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