FKNK & the European Year of Citizens


Vilnius has just hosted the concluding conference of the European Year of Citizens.

Entitled “How to make every year a year of citizens” it focused on the promotion of citizenship as a key element of EU democracy.

The Lithuanian Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius addressing this concluding conference stated “Openness to the world, promotion of democratic values – this is what makes the EU model unique and attractive”.

Yet back home in Malta we have the Federation of Hunters and Trappers (FKNK) proposing the curtailment of referendum rights which are being utilised for the first time by civil society in Malta to promote an abrogative referendum to put an end to spring hunting.

It is clear that the promotion of democratic values is an alien value to FKNK. Certainly not a fitting end to the European Year of Citizens.

2 comments on “FKNK & the European Year of Citizens

  1. How can one who shoots a bird (which belongs not only to the local citizens but to the international community) just for fun, just for the thrill of taking a life of a wild animal be expected to know what a citizen and democracy is?

  2. The hunters have shot themselves in the foot through years of inaction against illegal hunting and now they will blame everyone but themselves. I suspect that when spring hunting is banned they will order their members to ignore the ban so hopefully the Government are already looking at stiff penalties to deal with them.

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