Luxembourg Greens in Government: 4 Cabinet posts

dei greng

The European Green Party is delighted to announce  that Déi Gréng, the Luxembourg Green party, are part of the country’s new government! The Greens have three ministers and a secretary of state from 4 December 2013. This is a truly historic moment for our member party and for the whole of the European Green political family and we offer our heartfelt congratulations on this impressive outcome.

An Extraordinary Congress of déi gréng on 4 December approved the coalition agreement reached between three parties on Monday 2 December. The Congress gave a green light to the government’s new programme and endorsed the Green members of the new government. François Bausch is Minister for Mobility spatial planning and Infrastructure; Felix Braz joins the cabinet as Minister for Justice; Carole Dieschbourg serves as Minister for Environment and Climate and Camille Gira will be the Secretary of State for Sustainable Development and Infrastructure.

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