Schiavone’s secrets on Eco-Mafia operations: when will Malta’s government speak up?


I have dealt with eco-Mafia in previous blogposts. It handles toxic and nuclear waste, pockets the substantial fees for handling such waste and then dumps the waste wherever the Mafia feels it is necessary. It has pocketed billions in the process.

They have done it when they sunk 42 ships in the Mediterranean Sea carrying loads of toxic and nuclear waste. This they did in the 1980s and 90s.

They did it when they dumped toxic waste in disused quarries which ended up as the grazing grounds for herds of buffalos in the agricultural areas around  Napoli. As a result buffalo mozzarella ended up being withdrawn from the market in March 2008.

Last week Carmine Schiavone’s secret testimony given 16 years ago to one of the Italian Parliament’s Committees was published. In this testimony he reveals more cases of dumping of toxic and nuclear waste in various areas around Napoli.

In addition to the impacts on the communities residing in the Napoli area, all this could have serious implications beyond Napoli.

I can think of 4 basic impacts on Malta of the activities of eco-Mafia throughout the years, namely :

1. 60% of Malta’s water is purified sea water; hence what goes into the sea is of primary importance for us;
2. fish is an important part of our diet; fish do not respect boundaries; marine pollution is known to be absorbed by fish and passed on through the foodchain;
3. health and safety of fishermen in polluted waters is of considerable concern;
4. the polluted ground water, and polluted fields in the Naples area are also of concern due to their impact on the  foodchain. In Malta we import various food products from Italy.

It would be interesting to be informed as to why the Maltese Government has been silent on the matter for so long.

5 comments on “Schiavone’s secrets on Eco-Mafia operations: when will Malta’s government speak up?

  1. It is in no one’s interest to highlight these issues and the less spoken about the better. Kollox ghal taht it tapit. Issa xi 20 sena ohra jibdew hergin il problemi. Dan meta xi wiehed mit tankijiet lli tefu go dan il bahar jinqasam.

  2. Are we sure that the Maltese government never spoke? Maybe not publicly. The Mafia, or Camorra, cannot be tackled by speaking and making news. It is better dealt with by undercover procedures, since they have links with very high positions in many countries, not only in Italy! USA for example!

    • Have any public announcements been made on whether fish or Italian agricultural produce, fresh or processed? Whether such products are safe to use in view of the eco-mafia dumping of toxic and nuclear waste?

      As far as I am aware the state in Malta which can easily test samples to put everyone’s mind at rest has not uttered a single word.

  3. Seriously most probably the Maltese government knows as much on this problem as what’s out there. And I would not want to scare the public to panic and go into a frenzy.
    The question is whether the drinking water is being tested regularly for radioactivity. If there are no irregularities than its best not to alarm the public. My concern would be of how safe is the bottled water sold in the stores.

  4. This is getting more and more interesting. Please delve into the “surrounding” problem (as we’re such a tiny island”, deeper and deeper as we do not know where we stand.

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