When to resign

Ombudsman. Joseph Said Pullicino

Jean-Claude Juncker Prime Minister of Luxembourg has just submitted his resignation after accepting political responsibility for a spying scandal.

In Malta Magistrate Francesco Depasquale ruled that the Ombudsman was not right to claim immunity when his statement on Judge Lino Farrugia Sacco was subjected to libel proceedings. Moreover, ruled the Magistrate, the Ombudsman was not even authorised in terms of law to comment on the judiciary.

Would it be right if the Ombudsman Dr Joseph Said Pullicino resigns? I think that it would be the decent thing to do.

3 comments on “When to resign

  1. I sent in a comment to that effect to times.com yesterday but the “moderator” did not see fit to carry it. Given Cassar Pullicino’s legal background, it is quite unbelievable for him to claim immunity when the legislation concerning the Ombudsman specifically excludes him from commenting on the judiciary. A minimum sense of shame would lead him to resign.

  2. Citizens, especially those in Government high positions, copy their leaders. There were quite a number of PN and GonziPN ministers, and even prime minister, who should have resigned because of local scandals – Enemalta, Air Malta, Gozo Channel, MEPA, etc but all had very firm glue stuck to their chairs. So what does one expect from citizens on a lower scale?

  3. Come to think of it: what a U-turn in sensitivities. Remember the Ombudsman’s cries of “shame” when Perit Joseph Falzon protested publicly at the way he was informed by the said Ombudsman of his termination. Now we have the same person, fully aware that the judiciary was outside his remit, claiming he had every right to criticise Judge Farrugia Sacco in the most public manner.

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