59.8% want spring hunting abolished

hunting 02.2013

It was just one month ago that Malta Today published the result of a survey concluding that 59.8% of those surveyed want spring hunting abolished.

This was just one month ago, on May 19, 2013.

40.7% want hunting abolished altogether whilst 19.1% want just spring hunting abolished. These add up to 59.8%.

The Coalition to abolish Spring Hunting needs your help.

You may refreshen your memory by reading the online article here.


2 comments on “59.8% want spring hunting abolished

  1. I agree that hunting should be abolished. WE have a right to enjoy these birds and the birds have a right to live and fly freely.

  2. As a tourist I don’t think hunting will ever be abolished completely in Malta no matter how much I would like that to happen. People have been hunting for generations and so long as it is properly controlled it should be allowed to continue in some way. I would support an end to Spring hunting but retain Autumn hunting but only if it can be properly controlled and by that I don’t mean asking hunters to send an SMS every time they bag a bird. That I’m afraid is just plain stupid and totally unworkable.

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