Joseph Muscat & land reclamation


The Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat, is the Minister responsible for MEPA.

One would assume that before he expresses himself on MEPA related issues he would have checked the facts and would be in a position to know what he is speaking about.

Now on Bondi+ on Tuesday night Joseph Muscat stated that land reclamation is not within the remit of MEPA. MEPA the Honourable Prime Minister stated “is there to say where you can build and where you can’t”.

Maybe the Honourable Prime Minister could read article 67(4) of the Environment and Development Planning Act which states that:

“For the purpose of this article, development includes clearing of valleys from accumulated sediment and development in relation to the sea includes land reclamation from the sea, acquaculture and beach developments and their related uses”

8 comments on “Joseph Muscat & land reclamation

  1. I don’t think land reclamation is suitable for Malta. Much like the bridge/tunnel ideas I think it’s pie in the sky. As for JM not knowing what MEPA are responsible for I don’t find that at all surprising as MEPA don’t know either most of the time.

    • On the suitability or otherwise of land reclamation one would need to discuss specific proposals to arrive at a conclusion. In fact at Malta Freeport land reclamation was necessary.
      The point of the blogpost is something else. Before Joseph Muscat opens his mouth on land use planning issues it would be much better if he checks out the subject!

  2. Però, kif fhimtu jien, hu kien qed jgħid li l-MEPA ma tidħolx fil-mertu ta’ jekk il-bini fuq il-baħar huwiex ekonomikament vijabbli jew le. Xogħol il-MEPA huwa li tgħidlek inti għandekx permess tibni f’dak il-post jew le. Jagħmilx sens il-proġett finanzjarjament hu xogħol l-investitur.

  3. Iva, imma xogħol il-MEPA li tara hux vijabbli, jew xogħol l-investitur li jipprova lill-MEPA li l-proġett vijabbli? Naħseb il-MEPA għandha tħares lejn il-pjan li jippreżentalha l-investitur u jekk ikun jagħmel sens u l-investitur ikollu l-kapital biex il-proġett iwettqu (mhux iħallih nofs leħja), il-proġett għandu jsir. Dejjem, naturalment, jekk l-impatt ambjentali jkun aċċettabbli.

  4. I am surprised that the Hon PM said what he did in relation to MEPA and land reclamation. Land reclamation is certainly within the remit of MEPA. Hopefully PL won’t forget that. It is very true that at MEPA there are both efficient and stupid people. There are upright and sleazy people also.
    Which makes it all the more important for the P.M. to tread warily and to surround himself with capable, upright advisers – this especially where Building Development is concerned. Rather too often such ‘development’ is anything but. And DCC Boards pass the most absurd of applications. Because nobody at MEPA is accountable.
    I hope the administration does something tangible about this nasty state of affairs. They just cannot let the most vulnerable suffer as a result of MEPA inefficiency and irresponsibility.

    • Mentioning the DCC boards one only has to mention the Wied il-Ghasel fracas which is being destroyed as we speak instead of protecting the environment and valleys Mepa approved this massive development which replaced an application for an old people`s home to a purely speculative development. Visit and see the full details. Even with a petition of over 24000 no body cared less. What a shame.

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