Abolish Spring Hunting with your vote

hunting 02.2013


The Greens have always taken a clear stand against spring hunting.

Unfortunately the former government led by the PN was more interested in boot-licking the hunters then in applying bird protection legislation. It fact it engaged the hunters as a consultant paying them in the process thousands of euros in taxpayers’ monies.

The current Labour led government is more interested in seeking loopholes to permit hunting  to go on and on.

There is only one option left to abolish spring hunting as the political parties represented in parliament will not ease their boot-licking ways.

Spring Hunting can be abolished with your vote by calling a referendum with the specific objective of deleting legislation which permits spring hunting. This can be done through the use of legislation (abrogative referendum) introduced in the 90s but never utilised.

With this in mind Alternattiva Demokratika, the Green Party in Malta calls on all like-minded organisations to join it in setting up a Coalition to Abolish Spring Hunting. This coalition once set up will plot the way forward, identifying the best way forward with one aim: abolishing spring hunting once and for all.

One comment on “Abolish Spring Hunting with your vote

  1. All the Maltese People have the right to enjoy the migration of these beautiful birds to be in Malta without being shot down for fun by these irresponsible hunters, It is illegal to shoot these birds anyway but none of the so called Politicians done anything about it, being a Politician is not only for the good life only, Have to listen to the Majority of the Maltese Nation we have the right………

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