Far ahead in arrogance ………………..

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This morning in Parliament, His Excellency President George Abela launched the government’s five year programme. We need to discard the ways of old and embrace a new way of doing politics. It is indeed unfortunate that we are far ahead in embedding arrogance in government   ……………

His Excellency was obviously reading out the script which others have written. He symbolically heads the government and hence he reads out the programme of “his government”.

The problem with the President’s speech is that we have heard it many a time. Maybe in less colourful language, but surely it has been listened to before.

Obviously the proof of the pudding is in the eating. We still need proof that shortly we will start lagging behind in arrogance, and maybe for a change being leaders in something positive!

I await some positive signal, which I have not yet noticed.

6 comments on “Far ahead in arrogance ………………..

  1. What are you expecting as positive signals? Aren’t the appointments of certain individuals like Musumeci, Franco Debono, Giovanni Bonello, Michael Falzon (PN), etc enough proof for a government who has only today been sworn in?? Would love to hear some ideas as to what kind of proofs do you expect, as examples!

    • Well. I don’t know whether you remember. It was such a long time ago …………… During the time when a certain Lawrence Gonzi was Prime Minister ………… he proceeded to propose the appointment a certain George Abela from the Labour Party as President of the Republic of Malta.

      This did not lead to less arrogance. Unfortunately the arrogance increased!

      • Well, as far as I can recall, a verbal agreement had been reached by Mintoff and EFA, whereby a PL government would make a pro-PN president and vice-versa. However this was breached by EFA when he left the late Paul Xuereb as acting- president for about 3 years. That’s when the arrogance started. Our president is a figurehead. What the present PL is doing is giving ACTIVE roles to competent people even from the opposition’s side. That is not arrogance by any means, isn’t it?

      • Labour obviously has its reasons for appointing the persons indicated.

        The appointment of Giovanni Bonello certainly sticks out.

        Appointing Robert Musumeci as government’s advisor on land use planning issues is certainly within government’s remit. Musumeci’s views are known and they will certainly be of no benefit to the environment. But that is a policy option which any government is free to take or discard.

      • OK. So, therefore, the new government has embarked on what it promised and started to damp down arrogance. Surely this is not an electric switch that can be used to immediately put on or off a light. Change needs time. So let us look at the glass as being half-full and not half-empty. This is the first time that a party is trying to govern in this way. It might even not work well. But, surely, anything is better than the type of arrogance we had during the past 10 years or so!!.

        With regards to the MCESD, if a government needs the approval of institutions who are not in liaison with its new mode of doing politics, but oppose change, then it has nothing else to do but take a decision, one way or another. Obviously, in our case, the six who did not agree to the appointment never saw face to face with everything that the PL was suggesting in its manifesto, now approved by the vast majority of the citizens. One of the institutions that did not agree had even an ex-president who is under investigation in the hugely corrupt oil scandal! This has not been mentioned by government, with due respect to the final verdict. But the said president resigned when the oil scandal came out – by a local newspaper and not by the PL! Is this arrogance???

      • In all democracies, when there is a vote or a comment, the will of the majority passes through. This was not the case in the M.C.E.S.D., whereby the Prime Minister, was legally correct to choose whoever he wanted, but 6 out of 8 members were against the post of the new Chairman of the M.C.E.S.D. Therefore the will of the minority paved way. Isn’t this some sort of arrogance? Maybe some Prime Minister before Dr. Muscat acted in the same way, being legally correct but arrogant in the same time. This thing must stop as in Malta we really do not have a democracy, but I am long saying that we have a dictartorship for 5 years.

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