Far ahead in arrogance ………………..

 George Abela.060413

This morning in Parliament, His Excellency President George Abela launched the government’s five year programme. We need to discard the ways of old and embrace a new way of doing politics. It is indeed unfortunate that we are far ahead in embedding arrogance in government   ……………

His Excellency was obviously reading out the script which others have written. He symbolically heads the government and hence he reads out the programme of “his government”.

The problem with the President’s speech is that we have heard it many a time. Maybe in less colourful language, but surely it has been listened to before.

Obviously the proof of the pudding is in the eating. We still need proof that shortly we will start lagging behind in arrogance, and maybe for a change being leaders in something positive!

I await some positive signal, which I have not yet noticed.