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Well over 66% of AD voters in the 2008 general elections did not vote just for an AD candidate. Thereafter they voted for candidates of other parties as well.

Most AD voters already practice cross-party voting in general elections. They already cross over from one party to another when voting.

It is not only AD voters which practice cross-party voting. Even PN and PL voters do so although not as often as one would wish.

Our electoral system is specifically designed so that cross-party voting is possible. Voting across party lines can ensure that you select the best candidates in the different political parties. It is a very healthy political tool at your disposal.

After giving your number 1 to an AD candidate you can then proceed with giving your 2nd preference to any other candidate, irrespective whether he or she is on the PN or the PL list.

Similarly if your giving your number 1 vote to a PN or a PL candidate you may proceed with giving your 2nd preference to an AD candidate. It is a very useful way of voting. It has in fact been in use since 1921 when the present system of voting was introduced in Malta.

Cross party voting is a right. Use it well.

2 comments on “Cross-voting

  1. PN stalwarts have been envisaging doom & gloom if Joseph Muscat becomes prime minister.
    If these PN stalwarts really believe so and have the national interest at heart, the least that they can do is to encourage their supports to give their 2nd preference vote to AD, especially in the 9th & 10th district wherein AD garners most 1st preference votes. Such voting strategy may ‘avoid’ a Labour absolute government unless Labour achieves an absolute majority of 1st preference votes.

    However it seems that Dr.Gonzi & Co. are still insisting that voters should vote for all and only their candidates. Thus one can deduce that either the PN is lying about the alleged risk posed by Labour, or else the PN prefers to have Malta face a bleak future rather than having AD in parliament.

    The PN had already gambled with Malta’s EU accession in the 2003 election when it instructed voters against giving their 2nd preference to AD, notwithstanding that this was the most sensible choice to safeguard Malta EU accession – thus I am not holding my breath.

    In so far as Labour is concerned, they have all the indications that they will garner more 1st preference votes than the PN, thus they will do their utmost to deter any Labour voters from giving their 2nd preference to AD.

    At this stage it is the liberal and open minded citizens and youths, who vote objectively and uninfluenced by blind party alliances, that will determine whether AD will achieve the number of 1st, 2nd and 3rd preference votes to throughly bring about the overdue positive CHANGE.

    Finally the individuals who till now do NOT intend to vote because their are fed up with the local political scenario, may also wish to reassess matters and possibly realise that by refusing to vote they are indirectly helping the PNPL retain the status quo, whereas a vote for AD will go a great way towards cleansing our rotten political establishment.

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