Financing politics in Malta in 2013


Dr Lawrence Gonzi, some days ago complained that the Labour Party was spending quite a lot on its electoral campaign.

Last Sunday a local newspaper reported on replies it received from poltical parties on the manner in which they are financing their electoral campaign.

Ralph Cassar Secretary General of Alternattiva Demokratika said that the Greens  had a maximum budget of €20,000 for this electoral campaign. It was financed from small donations received from supporters. The largest donation in 2013 was €250.

Then there was deafening silence from the Nationalist Party and the Labour Party.  They have not supplied any information on the manner in which their electoral campaign has been financed nor as to how much it is expected to cost.

It is clear to one and all that the PN and the PL are sparing no costs in this electoral campaign. They are spending millions of euros.

The question remains: who is financing the PN and the PL?  How will the PN and the PL pay back their sponsors?

Malta as yet does not regulate the financing of political parties. Lawrence Gonzi in his years as Prime Minister has spoken a lot on the subject. But his deeds did not match his words.

A Private Member’s motion was presented in Parliament last year by maverick MP Franco Debono. Yet none supported him.

A Green MP after the March 2013 elections will champion the need to regulate the financing of political parties.

The others are not interested.

First published on on January 25, 2013

3 comments on “Financing politics in Malta in 2013

  1. I wonder how much a company like Polidano Bros invests in a political campaign. There should be a cap and the amount made public..No wonder they can pollute with impunity…But to me the biggest issue with the election is the fact that a third party can do well in the aggregate number of votes and still not get any representation in Parliament. Whereas the other two parties get additional MPs based on the number one votes cast respectively. Now why are the third parties left out? This is very unfair and should have been challenged to a Supreme Court if Malta has one. Surely this has to break EU laws..

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