6 comments on “AD’s tablets

  1. Perit, when can I have my free tablet? 😉
    Our politicians leave no stones unturned to get to parliament – never mind their crass inefficiency and unaccountability when the nation needed them!
    Time for change!

  2. Is ‘Meritocracy’ at XI by any chance?
    Or are we happy with the blue/red eyed boys mopping up all the public appointments, in view of the trust the respective political party has, that they will serve the same party (i.e. their own) interests, before that of the public or future generations?

      • AD’s proposal for such appointments to be made by a publically elected President are a step in the right direction, however a proviso that the President must NOT be a politican may do wonders!

      • I think that nobody should be excluded from being considered for the post of President of the Republic.

        AD in its electoral manifesto proposes that the electoral college electing the President should not be made up only of Members of Parliament but that the Mayors of all localities should also be directly involved.

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