The Green Election Manifesto

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The five words “You know where we stand” encapsulate the Green Election Manifesto for the 9 March elections. The message being that the Greens in Malta do not mince their words. The Green political agenda is unambiguous.

The Green Election Manifesto is a 100 page document dealing with various political issues subdivided into 28 subject headings. It is the result of a long internal debate with input from all AD’s spokespersons and will be presented for approval at tomorrow’s Extraordinary General Meeting.

AD will be fielding its team of candidates who will be present on all thirteen electoral districts in the March 2013 general elections.

Eventual Green MPs will advocate a policy of consensus based on consistency, responsibility and progressive politics.

Greens in Malta have always been and will continue to be the strongest defenders of Malta’s environmental heritage, and will strive towards having public spaces which are accessible to all. In contrast to the the PN and the PL Greens have already proven themselves of not being hostage to big business, hunters, trappers, firework fanatics, Armier squatters, and greedy land developers.

The Green Manifesto also deals with issues of civil rights, a humane social policy and equal rights for all.

Greens are for gender equality and will strive to eliminate discrimination based on sexual orientation in all areas of policy.

Green MPs will be ready to work with MPs from other political parties on the basis of an agreed joint programme and will work to ensure its implementation when in parliament. As a minor partner Greens will strive to develop politics by consensus, the prerequisite for a stable political environment.

Voting for Alternattiva Demokratika-The Green party on 9 March is a vote for change in the method of governance which has been corrupted by the two-party system which we have been lumped with for the past 50 years.

If you want change: the Greens can deliver. You know where we stand.

published in on January 18, 2013

4 comments on “The Green Election Manifesto

  1. Great principles and very qualified candidates. Unfortunately my experience with Politics in Malta has always been that it is a two Party state and the old adage that “old habits die hard” really applies. Good luck but will hell ever freeze over? Hopefully in our lifetime.

  2. Hopefully people are becoming more mature in their idea of politics and have moved away from partisanship, and are ready for the much needed change towards a progressive future. This can only be achieved if many of us voters have the guts to vote for the green party instead of the usual way we have always voted, change starts from us but can be continued and respected by our representatives in parliament, so let’s make sure we put them there!!! Vote AD and be the change you want to see!

  3. It is very true that Alternattiva Demokratika has for so many years now come out with excellent ideas and above all, objectivity. the Greens defended the environment as best they could while Gonzi PN and earlier administrations wreaked havoc everywhere!
    The Greens have several professionals in different fields amongst their candidates. Hopefully the public will vote them in. Malta needs their zeal, objectivity and know-how!
    The greatest hurdle that AD faces is the ingrained ”two party” mentality. Sad, but that’s a bitter fact! Most Maltese would just like to have AD in parliament but they fear that their vote will benefit the party they abhor so much….What will happen to the collective votes obtained by AD?

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