The PN’s new values

The PN, for many a year used to proclaim to one and all that all those who were aware of the existence of corruption and did not stand up to be counted were as a result supporting corruption.

It is on record that the former Private Secretary to the Minister of Finance has pleaded guilty in Court when charged with corruption.

When called to the witness stand, giving evidence against those who corrupted him, Noel Borg Hedley, Private Secretary to Minister Tonio Fenech stated that the monies he collected were used to finance the Hon Minister’s electoral campaign in 2008.

The Hon Minister in comments made to the press stated that he was not aware of the source of the finances used in his electoral campaign.

Malta Today reported as follows on 6 February 2012:

Noel Borg Hedley, 67, of Gzira – who last year was handed a permanent interdiction and conditionally discharged for three years after admitting to bribery – took the witness stand against his alleged ‘tippers’ and confirmed with Magistrate Audrey Demicoli that he received cheques and cash from the Montebellos as “donations” for activities connected to Fenech’s political campaign, but was later also “tipped” for his interventions with governmental departments which handled property tax matters. The Montebellos are denying the charges.

The Hon Minister made this statement notwithstanding that (according to his Private Secretary’s testimony)  it was he (the Minister) who gave him instructions as to whom he was to contact in order to be in a position to pay his electoral bills.

Five years on there are still a number of unanswered questions.

First : as the Hon Minister stated that he was not aware of the identity of those who financed his campaign, how did he collect the necessary information in order to submit the return required by electoral legislation as to the identity of those who financed him and the quantum of finance used, which as per his declaration did not exceed €1,400?

Second : on the basis of the conviction of his former Private Secretary as well as his testimony why did the Hon Tonio Fenech not shoulder his political responsibilities and resign?

Third:  once he did not resign does it not follow that the Hon Tonio Fenech considered that the way he  acted was honourable, so much that he deserved (in his view) to be elected Deputy Leader of the PN?

Fourth:  does it not seem that the PN is proud of Hon Tonio Fenech and the fact that he financed his electoral campaign with tainted money?  In fact the PN is once more presenting him as a candidate on 9 March general elections as one of the symbols of its new values!

 originally published in on January 4, 2013

amended at 13.46 , January 4, 2013 (added part in red)

2 comments on “The PN’s new values

  1. Artiklu li juri l-istat fqir u rresponsabbli tal-Partit (hekk imsejjah) Nazzjonalista! Mhux ta’ b’xejn li l-barranin iqisu pajjizja bhal wiehed mifni bil-Korruzzjoni!
    Niskanta meta nara l-Prim Ministru, bil-kliem helu manna li jaf johrog bih, ikun jaf dawn il-FATTI u imbaghad, minflok jiehu l-passi mehtiega biex jirranga s-sitwazzjoni fil-Partit, jipprova jghaddi lill-poplu biz-zmien u jassigurah li ”kollox nadif, kollox perfett, bla tebgha fil-Partit Nazzjonalista.
    Possibbli li l-korp ta’ deputti P.N. kuntenti b’din is-sitwazzjoni? Niddubita. Izda l-interess personali jidher li qed jigi qabel dak etiku!

  2. AD needs to focus on such and similar blatant abuse, harping on the fact that the PNPL have vested interest to retain the status quo – at the ultimate detriment of honest citizens and taxpayers.
    It is through such focused strategy that AD stands any realistic slim chance of making it to parliament and finally be in a position to ‘convince’ the elected PM to enact the overdue changes in Party Financing and Electoral Law, together with practical aspects of Good Governance.

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