Enemalta Chairman and alternative energy

Enemalta Chairman yesterday  was reported as saying that generating renewable energy is almost impossible in Malta.

When Enemalta’s Chairman Engineer Louis Giordimaina makes such a statement one is bound to take notice.

Is Mr Giordimaina aware of the implications of what he is saying? Does this mean that Malta is not in a position to honour its EU committments to have 10% of the energy used by the year 2020 generated from renewable sources?

Did Mr Giordemaina shoot from the hip, or was he preparing the way for some policy reversal by Government?

I only hope that this statement is one other product which by now one associates with Enemalta Corporation, the result of incompetence.

2 comments on “Enemalta Chairman and alternative energy

  1. The Enemalta chairman should explain what exactly he means when making such a claim. Surely he has a duty to do that….
    Failing that he should resign.

  2. Today at 12.26pm I was contacted by Eng Louis Giordimaina Enemalta Chairman who informed me that he was misreported by Malta Today. He further informed me that he will be writing to Malta Today to clarify matters.

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