AD Executive Committee for 2012/13

AD’s Executive Committee  approved by the Annual General Meeting  for the year 2012/13 is made up of the following officials:

Chairman                             : Michael Briguglio

Deputy Chairperson          : Carmel Cacopardo

Secretary General               : Ralph Cassar

Deputy Secretary General : Henrik Piski

Treasurer                              : Simon Galea

International Secretary     : Arnold Cassola

Public Relations Officer    : Andre’ Vella

members : Angele Deguara, Mark Scerri, Richard Schranz and Nighat Urpani.

One comment on “AD Executive Committee for 2012/13

  1. Perit I read the report on the AD AGM in Malta Today….and I liked what I read.
    I cannot but agree that both the PN and the PL keep putting the interests of the speculators before the interests of the country. Presently of course it is this inefficient and unaccountable administration which is really to blame. Gonzi & Co have done enormous harm to our environment. Many towns and villages have been irremediably ruined. Our potable water is being literally stolen and our seas polluted by fishfarms.
    Shamefully the P.M. just looks on ….and smiles in that innocent manner of his! Meanwhile people, myself included keep suffering at the Law Courts which are anything but efficient. Last Thursday a case at one of the Court halls was summarily moved to the end of January 2013. Hope our esteemed President Dr. George Abela is reading this – after all he is the nation’s ”bulwark” against injustice!

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