5 comments on “Pack up

  1. We understand this; but we are in a minority. Many people are indoctrinated with the propaganda machine of the right. Not everybody knows that these allowances are paid out without any value for money.

    Thier work after all should be done by the public service which should act impartial and in the interest of the country and not a political party.

  2. Imisshom jaqtghullhom parti mill-paga ghal kull seduta li jfallu. Qed iwaqqghu il-Parlament ghaz-zufjett biex ma nuzax kelma ohra.

  3. Ghandkom zball kbir hbieb. Il-hatra ma kienitx biex jaghmlux xi xoghol partikulari, imma biex jibqghu fil-merhla u meta jifthu halqhom jaghmlu bhal merhla baa… baa… baa… Imbaghad izommu halqhom maghluq.

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