Historic first for UK Greens : Caroline Lucas elected to House of Commons


Prof. Arnold Cassola, Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party Spokesperson on EU  and International Affairs, stated: ‘I have had the honour and pleasure of working for nearly seven years with Caroline Lucas in the European parliament and have witnessed personally her commitment to Green politics.   The electorate in Brighton has decided to abandon its allegiance to the two big parties, based only a question of family tradition, and rightly decided to reward a politician of proven competence on the basis of merit rather than of family allegiance.  We look forward to such thing happening in Malta, the last bastion of subservience to the climate of clientelism and patronage, as created by the PN and PL over the past half century’.

Michael Briguglio, AD Chairperson, added: ‘The election of the first ever Green to Parliament represents a truly historic moment. Hundreds of thousands of Green voters across Britain now have, for the first time, a voice in Parliament, and genuinely progressive views on issues such as the economy, health, and the environment will now be heard’.

‘AD has written to the Greens in the UK to congratulate them on their success. The election of the Greens in  the British parliament confirms that positive swing of Green parties across various European countries, including not only established Green constituencies such as Germany and France, but also the magnificent results in other elections such as the first-ever election of Green MPs in Hungary a few weeks ago. Greens are currently in Government in Finland and Ireland and are an important and principled group in the European Parliament’.

‘The British election shows that the first-past-the post voting system used for general elections is utterly discredited. Caroline Lucas will be strongly backing calls for a referendum to replace it with a form of proportional representation that properly reflects the needs and views of 21st century voters. AD supports such calls and aims to have a similar and fair truly proportional system in Malta’.