AD consistent on hunting

adsmallText of AD Press Release issued this afternoon

Arnold Cassola, Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party Chairperson, stated: “This is not an issue any longer. Over the past twenty years we have insisted and worked together with the European Greens to ensure that hunting in spring is abolished. For doing this, I was personally singled out by the Maltese government as an enemy of the Maltese people and arguments in favour of the abolition of spring hunting were then considered by the PN led government as politically extreme views. ”

(DOI Press Release: “Huwa ta’ ghajb li esponenti bhal Prof. Arnold Cassola jippartecipaw f’attivitajiet li jispiccaw ihammgu isem Malta ghax fihom jigu espresi argumenti estremi u mhux ikkonfermati. Huwa ta’ ghajb li persuni bhal Prof. Cassola, konxju mill-importanza ekonomika tas-settur turistiku, jaghmek din it-tip ta’ hsara ghal skopijiet politici f’mument tant sensittiv ghal dan is-settur” DOI, 30 June 2005)

Yvonne Ebejer Arqueros, AD candidate for MEP elections added: “It is absurd that some PN candidates are posing as champions against hunting in spring today, when hunting in spring has already been abolished. This is even more preposterous when one considers that these candidates are the same persons that, as top-MIC employees, spent five years of their life negotiating a derogation on Spring hunting with the EU authorities”.

Carmel Cacopardo, Alternattiva Demokratika spokesperson on Sustainable Development and Local Government, concluded: “Alternattiva Demokratika is a party that has worked consistently over the past twenty years in favour of our environment. The Maltese and Gozitan people are intelligent enough to distinguish between AD and its candidates and other parties and their candidates. AD has worked consistently on this issue; others are just presenting themselves now as “last minute” environmentalists in order to gain some votes”.