Foresta 2000




Din il-pjanta ta’ Foresta 2000 ippubblikata mill-Birdlife u Din l-Art Helwa turi kif it-triq tal-Għadira ser tgħaddi eżatt minn ġo nofs il-proġett Forest 2000.

Jiġifieri l-Ministeru ma jafx x’inhu jgħid meta jinsisti li l-proġett tat-triq fl-Għadira mhuwiex ser jeffettwa Foresta 2000.

Tiftakru kemm rajna pampaluni jippużaw u jħawwlu siġar f’Forest 2000 matul ix-xhur li għaddew ? Kemm kien hemm min tkaża meta seħħ każ ta’ vandaliżmu li bħala riżultat tiegħu inqerdu s-siġar kollha. Issa il-Gvern qed jipproponi li jgħaddi t-triq !

Hemm min jaf x’inhu jagħmel ?

One comment on “Foresta 2000

  1. I think it was a mistake on the part of Minister Austin Gatt to even bring up the subject considering that no serious studies have been made. He should be man enough to admit the mistake. If, as he says, it is proven that another road is needed then it should not be impossible to find another route. Personally I think that the ‘studies’ presented so far – mere diagrams that ostensibly showed the Ghadira beach receding and shrinking in size – may not be as scientifically based as some people would have us believe. Another thing: if the Seabank would like to have a little portion of the public beach for the use of its clients, surely that can be arranged notwithstanding the road lying in between hotel and beach! We Maltese are used to such things happening all over the place.

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