A Zero Waste Community ?

 The inhabitants of the tiny village of Kamikatsi in the island of Shikoku Japan have decided that they are to achieve the aim of a zero waste community. 

Whilst we may, in Malta, at times find it difficult to separate waste into organic waste, metal, paper, glass and plastic these guys separate their waste into 34 categories !

A community of around 2000 inhabitants, Kamikatsi aims to achieve its target as Japan’s first zero waste community by the year 2020. They have still some way to achieve their target but they have already achieve a recycling rate of 80%.

This is a challange for our local councils in Malta.

For more information view today’s Guardian .

2 comments on “A Zero Waste Community ?

  1. It is fine doing waste separation when the waste is properly separated, and disposed. But I think there should me more initiatives to avoid the production of waste in the first place. For example, I do not understand why all glass bottles of soft drinks in Malta have been replaced by PET considering the fact that the production costs of PET are on the rise…

  2. You are right Henrik !

    This is one of the negative effects of competition policy. There is a solution : increasing eco-tax on plastic bottles and introducing a refund. A proposal to this efffect was torpedoed by GRTU.

    To date no alternative has been implemented.

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